5 popular ways of using wooden textures in your homes in 2018

Whether you like the old-school vintage version interior designs, or whether you’re a fan of contemporary trends, there’s always something you’ll find in common between all of them: stylish use of wooden textures. It’s the one thing that has remained constant throughout the decades, and is even more popular these days. So today, we’ll be sharing 5 popular ways you can introduce wooden textures in your home interior designs.


1. Smart wooden consoles

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Wooden consoles – whether inbuilt or suspended – have found themselves a nice little cozy niche in contemporary interior designs. They’re sleek, smart and do not take a lot of space, which is why they look perfectly trendy when paired with a number of other eclectic interior design elements and accessories. They’re the perfect way to emulate wooden accents in your homes.


2. Inbuilt shelves

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Trends come and trends go, but feature length wooden shelves are forever. They’re tall, extensive and have a huge presence that is sure to add a lot of personality to your spaces. If you can work them right, their designs can be quite charismatic. You can have them designed in plain walls to add little flavor to contrast their simplicity, or you can have them be a part of an elaborate feature wall.


3. Introducing live edge

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One of the most popular trends in wooden textures these days are introducing them with the help of live edge furniture. It’s a deeply stylish and organic form of design that can make your interior designs look the epitome of trendy. The nature inspired edges of such furniture are in a league of their own, and definitely look gorgeous wherever they’re set up.


4. Floor accents

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Swiss Interior

Gone are the days where expensive hardwood floors were the only way you could make your homes feel cozy. These days, this aesthetic is within a hands reach. You can go for tiles or vinyl to emulate the popular wooden floor aesthetic in your home interiors. The sleek, uninterrupted visuals of wooden floors are always a welcome addition in most homes.


5. Furniture accents

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Swiss Interior

Small wooden accents in stylish furniture is another popular way to introduce a nice, wood inspired vibe in your home interiors. You can contrast them with marble table tops, glass or even stainless steel counterparts for maximum effect.


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