5 problems you might face in a bathroom remodel and how to fix them

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in any home. It’s the place where you go through early morning stress rush and spend some quality relaxation time at night. The design can be challenging to tackle if you’re doing it for the first time. So today, we’ll be featuring a list of 5 problems you might face in a bathroom remodel and how you can fix them.


1. The vanity conundrum

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While standard bathroom only needs a single vanity, some people go for the double one just to make the most of their space both functionally as well as aesthetically. Professionally, it’s recommended to dedicate an entire wall to the vanity so that there’s less room for splashing on the floor. It gets really messy when there’s room on either side of the vanity for water to run, so always opt for the full-wall option.


 2. Tiles and grouts

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 It’s often quite challenging to select the perfect combination of tiles to bring out the best aesthetic in your bathrooms. Here’s a pro-tip to make things easier: go for darker colors inside the shower stall and lighter textures for the outside. Also ensure that the grouting has been done adequately or the tiles may crack under pressure and extreme cold. The minimal space for grouting between two tiles is 2 mm.


 3. Efficient fixtures

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When it comes to fixtures, do not compromise on quality for price. Yes the efficient ones are generally a little bit more expensive, but at the end of the day they also help you manage your water consumption and are extra durable. So if it is ever a choice between high-quality expensive fixtures versus low-quality cheaper ones, always go for the former.


 4. Juggling small footprints

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 Most Singaporeans suffer from the same bathroom design challenge: struggling with a small footprint. Yes, bathrooms tend to be small but with a proper layout and fixture selection you can make the most of it. Don’t go for overly large accessories and fixtures, and if possible, make sure the fixtures are off-the-floor so that the sense of space seems illusory large.


 5. Function and decor

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It’s important to balance functional and decorative features in a bathroom. A good idea to maintain this particular idea is to opt for decorative and exposed functional piping. You can use a creative amalgam of both to make your bathrooms seem trendy and industrial chic.


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