5 reasons why the Scandinavian style is catching on in Singapore

As a homeowner, you must be well-aware of the rising prices and real-estate shortage in Singapore. So when it comes to interior designing these space-starved homes, there aren’t a ton of options that can make it seem good. This is why the modern Scandinavian style has been catching on in Singapore. Not only is it full of personality, it is also a great way to add style in your homes while maintaining an air of understated elegance. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why this style is catching on with Singaporeans.


1. Stylish yet practical

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 The Scandinavian style always evokes practicality, and yet at the same time it is incredibly stylish. This is in part due to all the design elements that make up this style. light oak accents, large windows and stylish furniture all come together to provide the best kind of utilitarian aesthetic you’ll ever see, which comes off as great in Singaporean homes.


 2. Minimal accents

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The Scandinavian style is articulated through clean lines that give it beautiful minimal accents. These look especially gorgeous in most Singaporean homes as they have the ability to evoke a bigger, spacious vibe even in the small homes. So if you’re looking for a style to complement your small home, this would definitely be it.


 3. Be cost effective

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 The Scandinavian style is incredibly cost effective because the designers of this movement are big on practicality. They want these items to be available to people from all walks of life, which is why you’ll be able to shop affordable. This style has become a gateway for wall those who want to renovate their homes on a budget in Singapore.


 4. Neutral and reflective

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 The neutral color scheme of the Scandinavian style is a great way to dress your homes in a minimal, reflective and impactful material palate. Whites have a great reflective quality that is enhanced by the abundance of natural light and can be beautifully complemented by all the rest of the neutral colors in this style’s arsenal!


 5. Eclectic nature

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Carpenters

 The Scandinavian style is a great blend of modern, contemporary and minimalist sensibilities. It takes the best parts of all these styles and presents them all in a beautiful eclectic combination that can make any home look their epitome of stylish and chic.


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