5 Reasons Why Daikin’s Photocatalytic Air Purifier Is A Good Buy

When it comes to home appliances, Daikin is always the most ideal choice due to its innovative cache of products and high-quality deliverance. This multinational company is in a dominant position in the Singapore home appliance market as customers are always amazed and attracted towards the sturdy, innovative and technologically advanced products.

Let’s admit it that the air pollution is getting serious nowadays; thus, owning a great purifier is the perfect appliance we want for our beloved family and kids to breathe fresh air. In this post, we would introduce the Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier which is one of their newest products, and the one and only product with test proven to remove PM1.0 air pollutants.

With an inventive air-purifying technology, Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier is able to eliminate all dust, bacteria and other unpleasant odors from your homes successfully. If you still consider whether to purchase it, you definitely need to read this to understand why you must get Daikin’s newest Air Purifier for you and your family!


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1. Sleek design

Most of the air purifiers tend to be veritable eye sores, and it can be troublesome to put them in noticeable spaces. However, the design of the Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier is quite sleek and sophisticated. It features a slim-fit, minimalistic build that looks very fine and ideal despite you place it in any noticeable living spaces such as homes, restaurants or offices.



2. 6 Layer Decomposition & Removal

The Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier features a powerful 6-layer decomposition and removal configuration. This means that it can easily get rid of all the pesky air impurifications that float around unnoticed in your homes. Daikin’s new Air Purifier can easily and effectively filter and get rid of 99.9% dust, bacteria and viruses, airborne mold spores and particles, allergens, pollen and other bad smells in your homes by utilizing this air-purifying technology.




3. Quick & Thorough Purification with Power Suction

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Daikin


The Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier features an innovative Plasma Discharge technology that delivers a quick and thorough air purification ritual. This technology uses high speed electrons to clear the air. This purifier has the ability to spread across a wider coverage (approximately 46 m2). This faster speed results in a more thorough and faster air clean-up.


4. Quality Assurance

The Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier provides a 10-year assurance; meanwhile, it is fitted with free replaceable filters for each unit. It is this unfettered trust and giving that has made Daikin one of the most beloved home appliance companies in the Singapore. Needless to say, this clearly shows that Daikin is truly confident in the strength and flexibility of their products as well as taking care of their customers.


5. Ergonomic

This Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier which contains a power saving inverter, and the streamer discharge technology for effective removal of airborne mold spores. It’s a product that is highly economical operation yet it is truly easy to be used in a literal ergonomic fashion.


Needless to say, this has decomposition of odor sources avoid replacement and maintenance needs. Moreover, this Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier is literally great at prevention against influenza viruses like 5HN1, Asthma and Haze.



Now you see how a Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier can offer you, you can choose to provide a cleaner, fresher and healthier indoor environment for your family!


If you are interested to know more about this advanced yet user-friendly air purifier, visit any Daikin Proshop for more details today!

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