5 Reasons Why People Buy Excel Hardware Products

Excel delivers quality products with satisfying aesthetics. Their merchandise offers durability, sturdiness, as well as stylish visuals. These few of elements made their products a complete hit in Singapore. Moreover, Excel Hardware strives to meet all the contemporary needs their clients have expressed. In this post, let’s take a look of Excel products which is always an efficient and great solution to make our life easier! Get to understand these excellent qualitative value products, you’ll never regret of it!



1. Fashionable Solution

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Excel products are always specifically designed to offer fashionable alternative solutions to disparaging problems. The Soft-Close Hinge, for example is a fine alternative for the regular old hinge. It features a fashionable aesthetic that offers a brilliant functional delivery. This device offers maximum flexibility in operating moveable units which is made of a quality zinc and aluminum alloy. It’s also exceptionally affordable and unique, and it makes sure that you’d never have to worry about a creaking drawer or a haunted door hinge.



2. Trendy Yet Efficient

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

Excel products has a reputation of being trendy yet efficient at the same time. The company provides designed based solutions to some kitchen design problems like unusable counter corners. For instance, the Excel Magic Pull Out System 2+2 Basket is a nifty little device that can effectively make that pesky kitchen counter corner functional again. It is built specifically for an L-Shaped kitchen layout which features a very compact physique. Besides, it offers optimum storage which consists of two vertical mounts that hold wire mesh baskets. It neatly settles into the countertop that is utterly easy to pull in or out.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware


Similarly, the Soft Closing Pull Out System offers a similar trendy solution with a more stylish twist. It comes with two flexible S-Shaped tray which is made of steel chromes with a melamine tray. Each shelf can be used independently; meanwhile, its unique motion is pretty easy to use.


3. Stylish Like A Supermodel

Excel emphasis on style and effectiveness that is always appreciated by the users. The Excel Tall Unit with 5 baskets is a great example of such a unique product. It is compact and distinguished – the perfect narrowly designed pantry for a space-starved HDB kitchen. It is such a stunning minimalist style; meanwhile, it is fuss-free to maintain.

The two tier multi-function drawer basket is another stylish product which you mustn’t miss. It may be sleek and narrow, but the chrome finished mesh basket is specifically designed to offer great storage for a variation of kitchen devices and utensils. It can be easily installed in any under-cabinet setting. This multi-function drawer basket also comes equipped with a soft-close system which means it can be slid in and out of the cabinet with ease. You surely can own this best item at an affordable price!

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

4. Quality Innovation

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware
Excel prides itself on delivering quality products; for instance, this innovative 3 Tier Drawer Basket which is made of high quality steel - a polished chrome finish that is sturdy enough to withstand a weight of up to 25kg. It’s innovatively compact physique that features a traditional pull-out system with wire mesh baskets. This offers a front-running technological solution for innovative storage ideas. The qualitative design of the baskets ensures maximum ventilation, so you’ll never have to suffer from unsavory orders in your kitchen ware.


5. Convenient and customized

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

Excel always make sure their products can be easily used by their clients as this is really important for people to enjoy spending their time either cooking or baking in the kitchen. Thus, their customized solution helps the clients to do things in an easy, quickly and efficient way. The Excel Multi-Purpose Soft Closing Basket is a great example as this is a versatile kitchen device that provides excellent storage capacity for a number of different kitchen utensils.

If you are someone who is looking for a functional and great kitchen to make your life easier, let come and experience it now and quickly by yourself! What are you waiting for? Welcome to visit Excel Hardware in store for more information!

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