5 Reasons You Need Natural Light In Your Interior Designs

Natural lighting is nature’s gift to humanity, but many people underestimate its benefits. Incorporating natural light into your interior designs is absolutely essential, especially now that we tend to live in tiny concrete boxes. Still feeling ambivalent? Well, further we’ll share 5 reasons you need natural lighting in your HDB interior designs.


1. Daylight savings

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The first and foremost advantage of having a lot of natural light in your interior designs is that you get to stock up on your daylight savings. This means that you won’t have to use as much artificial lighting during the daytime as otherwise, which would result in low electricity bills and more cost-savings.


2. Kills of harmful bacteria

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Natural lighting is especially important in kitchen and bathroom interior designs as it is capable of killing harmful bacteria growth that may take permanent residence in wet spaces. This is why bathrooms must always have ventilators that let in natural light and kitchens have windows over washing sinks to kill of harmful growth.


3. Better psychological health

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Natural light has definitive healing qualities, which are quite important to retain a healthy human psyche. Moreover, natural light can help you maintain a healthy level of cortisol levels, which can result in a good sleeping pattern. This kind of lighting has subtle healing properties, which are characteristic of all natural phenomenon.


4. Connection with outdoors

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Natural light has a tendency to create a subconscious connection to the outdoors. This can result in a better orientation of the mind. Artificial lighting is very fluorescent and takes away the relaxing aura of the ambiance when designed wrong. In comparison, natural light is soothing and can create a highly tranquil ambiance within your interior designs.


5. Indirect illumination

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The indirect illumination through natural lighting has many advantages, including a comforting lumen level which takes double the electrical cost when emulated through artificial lighting means. It can create a soothing atmosphere and contributes towards a healthy mental landscape of the occupants of a space.


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