5 reasons you need to add this design element in your homes

Feel like you want to opt for an open floor layout, but still haven’t quite talked yourself into it? Feel like too much openness may not be your thing? Well, today we’ll be featuring all the reasons you need to install a bifold door in your homes. Let’s take a look:


1. Great psychological barriers

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Bifold doors mostly consists of a glass-and-frame build. As such, they are totally different from typical doors. They provide way more transparency, and act as both physical as well as psychological barriers. Even when they are closed, the space doesn’t feel as closed off as when a normal door has been used.


2. Don’t take up much space

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Conventional doors need at least three feet of space on both sides for their rotation, but that is not the case with bifold doors. They are simply ‘folded’ away to one side. Moreover, you can even control the threshold of each fold as well. You can either stick them firmly to each other, or you can hold them loosely open in a half-closed formation that also looks quite aesthetically pleasing.


3. As decorative screens

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Bifold doors are not just extremely functional but they have beautiful decorative qualities. Since the frame designs can be customized, they can match the theme of your interior design quite well. Moreover, they’re better than typical stocky doors as they also allow a great amount of transparency between two spaces even when they are closed off. Their decorative qualities definitely make them a good feature to have in your homes.


4. Perfect for open floor layouts

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For all those homeowners who don’t like having zero boundaries between all the spaces in their homes, bifold doors can be the perfect option. With them, you can set foldable barriers between all your individual zones like dining and living, and even circulation spaces. You can simply fold away all the pieces when you feel like opening the ambiance up, and close them off when it feels to agoraphobic.


5. Kitchen bifold doors

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Kitchen bifold doors are the best as they allow you to experiment with temporary partitions. You can easily fold them up when you want to open up the space but need physical boundaries as well once in a while. They can even merge well with half-walls and you can even customize their aluminum frames to suit your theme and ambiance. They’re an absolute must-have in every home!


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