5 Renovation Rules That You Must Never Break

Renovation is already a complicated venture – why make it even harder? Here are 5 rules that can help you stay on track and solve many of your unforeseen problems to begin with:


1. Don’t succumb to delays

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Here’s the thing about renovation – not even seasoned designers and contractors can foresee every single hiccup that you’re going to have to face during the renovation process. In fact, there are a number of set-backs that can befall you, but you must remain calm, steadfast, and trust your designated professionals to sort things out. The moment you start to panic is when things are going to start going sideways.


2. Must vs. bust

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Every homeowner has a certain ‘dream’ that they want to achieve with their renovation. However, not all of these dreams are totally applicable within the context of an available space. For example, you cannot have a plan made for a landed property executed in a limited space HDB. So, you must always know the limit of your property before contacting professionals. This rule can make the entire process so much easier.


3. Never go ahead without contingency funds

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If you’ve done your homework, then you’ll know how many homeowners succumb to various unforeseen pitfalls and don’t really have the budget to take care of it entirely. Therefore, it’s always recommended to have a contingency fund in such cases. It’s usually 10-15% of the original budget and can be a total life saver if your project ever gets hindered.


4. The quest for questions

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Here’s another rule that you must always follow; while searching for and vetting potential interior designers, you should always ask as many questions as you possibly can. In fact, you should make a standard questionnaire that covers all the general curiosity and details you may want to know about whoever you want to hire. You can even compare results afterwards to determine which candidate answered best.


5. Don’t be shy about your budget

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So, this is one of the most common problems that homeowners face. They tend to be very shy about disclosing their budget, which leaves the designers with very little room to base their proposals on. This can even hinder the whole execution phase later on. So, no matter how small or large or budget is; your designer is one person that you can be honest with.


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