5 Retro Interior Designs With A Wonderful Contemporary Twist

The retro style is a combination of various styles that came during the latter half of the twentieth century. From the hippie movement that took off in the 60s to the colorful geometry that was rampant in the 80s and even the vintage furnishings that came in the 90s – the retro style encompasses them all. However, these days’ designers use a more diluted version of retro in interior designs, so today we’ll be featuring 5 stylish retro interior designs that come with a contemporary twist.


1. Clunky Furniture Style

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept

Clunky furniture was one of the most characteristic qualities of the retro style. From heavy couches to atypical loveseats, there was a lot of aesthetic and functional innovation that came to be in that era. However, the couch style in this image has that particular clunky image – but it comes with a nice, visual twist. The upholstery fabric is an ode to contemporary, and the bright cushions are a beautiful vintage accessory.



2. Bright colors in modern designs

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept

Bright colors of the neon and Technicolor category are another popular characteristic of the vintage style. This contemporary style has captured the beauty of this specific color palate in a modernistic way. While the color palate may be retro, its implementation has definitely been carried out in modern designs, and that makes all the difference.



3. Upholstery

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept

The Memphis style was one of the most popular movements that arose in the last half of the 80s. It was characterized by oblique geometry and bright colors that can never be fully appreciated by today’s contemporary sensibilities. This is why these trendy accent chairs have been upholstered in a toned down version of the Memphis style. They capture the oblique geometry and color uniqueness of this style in a totally stylish way.



4. Experimental shapes

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept

The wooden shelving in the interior design shown in this image showcases an experimental shape – which used to be one of the most popular qualities of the retro style. However, the understated elegance that has been used in the design of this particular furniture set is more suitable to the contemporary sensibilities.



5. Shag texture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept

Shag rugs were a courtesy of the late 60s hippie movement, and while they’re still popular, the use of their texture is slowly evolving. The shag style couch cushions used in this interior design are uniquely retro in style, but their evolution to this particular form is definitely a contemporary twist.

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