5 Rules To Live By If You Want White Walls

Nothing in this world can beat the beauty and grace of white walls, but if you want to delve in this genre of interior design, there are a few rules that you must abide by. You see, having white walls is not as easy and effortless as everyone thinks which is why we’ll be sharing a few tips and rules on what you have to do when you’ve got white walls. Let’s take a look:


1. Don’t let it get too stark

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White colour is inherently very stark and austere. You need to pull out all the stops for the rest of your ambiance when you’ve got all-white walls. This basically means that the accessories and furniture are going to be your canvas for more colour. With them, you can imbue a sense of contrast and comfort within the scarcity and frostiness of a white home.


2. Use dark and warm colours

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Now that we’ve established that we need colours to build some contrast within the white-walled ambiance, you’ll need to know the types of hues and tints you have to use now. Since white has very reflective qualities and is a pretty cool colour to boot, you’ll need to pick warmer colours on the palette to make the ambiance feel interesting. Charcoal, browns, metal accents, and more are pretty great options.


3. The light you need

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White walls tend to look intensely stark if you do not have the right lighting to contrast it. No matter what kind of fixtures you have – be it pendents, wall lights, or more – the ambiance needs to emulate a warm glow to feel truly welcoming. The incandescence of warm lighting is perfect for imbuing a sense of comfort and relaxation in such interior design spaces.


4. Decorate the walls

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When your walls are white, the rest of your ambiance needs to be the epitome of vivid and colourful to feel balanced. One of the best ways to do that is by decorating the walls with multi-hued art work. Photography is a great medium, but nothing can beat the abstract beauty of graphic designing and jewel-toned paint.


5. Tertiary accessorizing

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Tertiary accents are always the most visible ones when the walls of your room are white. You need to make this fact count. So, if you’re using the dull end of the colour palette in the furniture, you can use bright colours as the tertiary accents and vice versa.

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