5 Rules To Remember While Designing Your Living Room

The living room is a multi-functional space, but most of the time it is used for relaxation and entertaining. Therefore, its design has to feature a very fine balance between comfort and attractiveness. If you’re searching for ways to make strike this balance perfectly, here are 5 rules that will help you by. Let’s take a look:


1. Have a systematic focal point.

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Whether it’s a media wall, an LCD screen, a statement artwork, or even a gorgeous mantle-piece, you’ll have to determine one – and only one – focal point for your living room to have a truly cohesive outlook. When you find this piece, you can then create an entire ambiance around it that may include the furniture layout, the lighting design, the décor placement, etc.


2. Having a nice center

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While having a focal point to focus on is an important part of the living room concept, you must also create a center. Centers complete the overall aesthetic of a living area. They usually consist of a coffee table in a small sized living room. However, if your area is large enough, you can also arrange multiple tables and small seats (preferably poufs and tiny stools) to ground the whole look.


3. The media console

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If you are a home theater buff, then you’ll understand how important it is to have a proper media console. People who prefer the bare minimal media paraphernalia can go for sleek and simple consoles. But if you like the bigger stuff, then prepare yourself for some major wire detanglement and a bigger media console system.


4. Let your couch dazzle

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The couch is the veritable centerpiece of any living room. One cannot even imagine the lounge without a comfortable sitting space to begin with. So, while the focal point and center of your living room is all done in a matching theme, the couch can be used to introduce contrast within the whole setting. You can even select the cushions to emulate secondary and tertiary contrast.


5. Add dimension with scaling

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Scaling is extremely important while designing a living room. You must perfectly proportion all aspects of your living room – be it the furniture, the artwork, or the décor – for the space to feel welcoming and 3D.


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