5 Scandinavian Designs That Will Open Up Your Home

Bringing Outside Spaces Inside:

5 Scandinavian Apartments That Will Open Up Your Home

It’s no secret that Scandinavian homes are famous for evoking a feeling of warmth and coziness, but that doesn’t mean they prefer to limit their vistas by cutting off the world outside.

Quite the opposite: balconies, terraces, decks and large windows play a vital role in Scandinavian design, offering a wider view of urban and natural landscapes while connecting the external world with the internal.

Here are 5 gorgeous examples of this interior design principle at work:

1)  Nature Inside & Out:

5 Scandinavian Apartments 002 5 Scandinavian Apartments 003 5 Scandinavian Apartments 006

Here we see the importance of nature in Scandinavian homes: not only does the greenery surround all sides of the terrace, but it literally seems to grow into the apartment.  The result?  A seamless blending of the exterior natural world with the urban interior, creating harmony between opposites.

Designed by: Project File Pte Ltd  (http://www.projectfile.com.sg/)

2)  Practical Extension of Space:

5 Scandinavian Apartments 007 5 Scandinavian Apartments 009

Scandinavian interior design is celebrated for its minimalist approach, but they certainly know how to maximize space.

In this brilliant example, note how the balcony is just a natural extension of the sitting room.  There’s no disruption between interior and exterior spaces (thanks to the large sliding doors), and this little area of the home serves another purpose: functionality.

The balcony has a bench for sitting and relaxing, but also doubles as a storage space for bicycles.

Those with a sharp eye may have noticed the green strip of carpeting, which looks like grass and adds a touch of nature the whole year round.

Designed by:  Free Space Intent  (http://www.fsi.com.sg/)

3)  Romantic Views:

5 Scandinavian Apartments 011

Besides letting natural light flow into the room, large windows offer a panoramic view of the city outside.  Here, the room appears cramped and enclosed, but if you’re sitting down to breakfast or dinner, then the view from your table offers up the world as a dessert.

Just one more way Scandinavian interior design joins the external with the internal, using the former space to compensate for the latter.

Designed by:  Gallant Concept  (http://gallantconcept.com.sg/)

4)  Dazzling Colours:

5 Scandinavian Apartments 013

There’s nothing minimalist about this design.  Bursting with life and colour, here the vivid natural greens of the terrace are strikingly contrasted against the splashes of blue, purple and yellow of the interior.

Yet instead of clashing somehow they compliment each other—perhaps because the bright light flowing from the outside accents the colourful decor inside.  If, however, the room was minimalist or monochromatic, then the contrast would be too overpowering to work.

Again, Scandinavian design principles achieve balance between the inner and outer worlds.

Designed by:  Make Room (make-room.net)

5)  Places to Relax:


Designed by:  Oakthree Studios (oakthreestudios.com)


Designed by:  Free Space Intent  (http://www.fsi.com.sg/)


Designed by:   Unity Interior Design Pte Ltd  (http://www.unityinteriordesign.com/)

Benches, swings and hammocks—oh my!  As practical and functional as Scandinavian decor can be, it also has an element of fun and relaxation.  These three examples show that balconies, which can be chic and elegant, can also be places to just sit back and unwind.

The use of benches makes the balcony a social space, and like a park bench they offer people a view of the world passing by.

All of these homes showcase the aesthetic appeal of Scandinavian interior design, which uses the outside world to contrast, compliment, and ultimately enhance the loveliness of the interior.

It seems that outer beauty is just as important as inner beauty.


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