5 Scandinavian Inspired Design Ideas For Hygge Lovers

Hygge is the aesthetic of coziness – a visual representation of the firelight warmth that comes from snuggling into soft, downy comforters in the middle of cold winter nights. It’s a Norwegian concept that has a very specific look but is not overbearingly modern. If you love this concept, then here are 5 ideas to inspire you;


1. For that welcoming kitchen appeal

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Home Vista

The Hygge concept is not very big on futuristic materials such as chrome and stainless steel, so you’ll have to be extremely careful about that. However, it can be pretty difficult to not emulate such visuals in a modern function-oriented kitchen, which is why you can take inspiration from this image. The express focus on woodworks and green elements renders the stainless steel appliances mute within the backdrop while emulating a strict Scandinavian vibe.


2. Getting creative with the neutrals

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: MMJ Design Loft 

The neutral colour and material scheme is the type that is pretty standard, but that’s the only one that is viable in the Scandinavian style. You can make it seem interesting by playing with the textures. Take this bedroom interior design as an example; the creative use of grey, whites, and browns throughout the space makes the whole area feel extremely contemporary and interesting.


3. Focus on the wooden textures

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Space N Living

Wood is a natural relaxant and this is a texture that is a major part of the Hygge-Scandinavian aesthetic. You can orient your interior designs more towards these aesthetics by making wooden textures a focus with the space. The kitchen in this image is an excellent example – the emphasis on the wood totally elevates the whole ambiance towards the comfortably cozy side.


4. The right fixtures and furniture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Space N Living

A major part of emulating Hygge in your home interiors is by choosing the right furniture and fixtures. You won’t be able to emulate this look properly if your table is made out of glass and stainless steel. Similarly, a classical drop chandelier won’t cut it either. It’s furniture and light fixtures like the ones featured in this dining area that help make the right impact and capture the essence of this style.


5. A little bit of green and light

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Home Vista

Nothing can quite capture the beauty and concept of the Hygge look like a little bit of greenery and stunning natural light. If you’re searching for inspiration on this front, then the bedroom featured in this image is an excellent example of how you can go about it.


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