5 Secrets To A Successful Decluttering

Decluttering is one of the foremost concepts to get a Zen design. Not only is it beneficial for everyday living, it also helps you psychologically. These days, there are professional organizers all over the world who help people organize and declutter their homes and lives in order to create some much needed breathing room in their fast-paced, globalized lives.

Singapore is one of the most urban cluttered country in the world. The homes are small, stacked and considered tiny by many standards. So decluttering is a concept that many residents are going for. Today, we will be share 5 secrets to a successful decluttering.



1. Respecting your belongings

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The first part of designing a breathable space for a better, more organized living is when you start respecting your belongings. When you look at the existing state of your organization and ask if all your stuff is happy being squished and stuffed that way, you’ll automatically start to look beyond the hoarding and start to see where you can start letting go.




2. Getting creative with your storage

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Creating clever shelving and smart storage ideas is all well and good, but do you realize that clothes and accessories take up a large chunk of your beloved space? Marie Kondo, a professional Japanese organizer has the perfect solution for you. You can fold all your clothes in a neat stack and arrange them in a vertical fashion in drawers – aptly labeled the ‘vertical fold’. She strictly disagrees with hanging, and assures that this way, even when you take out one piece, you won’t disturb the rest of your stuff.




3. Decluttering by categories

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Another great decluttering strategy is starting your reorganization with categories, and not by rooms. This is another great advice by Marie Kondo. She says that when you start your decluttering by rooms, all the things you part with simply end up traveling back from another place. That makes the whole practice very redundant. However, when you declutter through categories, you have a better chance of getting ahead of the hoarding.





4. Overcoming the nostalgia

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A trip down memory lane is virtually impossible to avoid when you’re taking on a decluttering venture. You’ll get weepy and irrationally attached to the stuff you haven’t used in ages. So it’s better to put aside all sentiments and dive deep into the reorganization.





5. Creating a little breathing room

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When you’re done with a small part of your decluttering, you’ll find that it’s easier to create a little breathing room into your existing spaces. This breathing room will allow you to better organize your existing stuff and neatly deliver your final space.

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