5 Simple Ways To Add An Indie Vibe To Your Home

Do you know that you actually can add a dash of indie style to your home in order to make it feels more homegrown and comfortable?

The indie design movement consists of independent artists and designers working outside of the mainstream to create handcrafted products – jewelry, furniture, art, music and other products. These designs are individual and homegrown, which leans them away from that generic vibe you get from mass produced products. In fact, it was the indie movement that spawned the DIY culture. Further, we’ll be looking at 5 easy ways you can bring an indie vibe in your interior designs.



1. Some handicraft touches

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Versaform

The best way to bring an indie vibe in your home interior designs is by decorating with personal flair. This includes homemade handicraft accessories like a vintage photograph chain and a painted canvas as a centerpiece. This gives the overall ambiance an inherently homely look that is very hard to accomplish with slick, machine crafted accessories that you can buy everywhere.



2. Woven window coverings

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Versaform


If you’re planning to add a little bit of indie vibe to your home, there is no better way to go for it than by using some woven window coverings. They look absolutely organic as well as gorgeous – a blend that can positively contribute to the homegrown aesthetic of your spaces.



3. DIY project decor

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  9 creation


If you fancy yourself an artist, then it’s time to break out your creative streak and implement it in a thoroughly indie fashion. You can chalk paint or decorate old trunks or craters to make fashionable decoration pieces. These DIY projects can feature some of your best work and make it a nice, homely part of your interior spaces in a seamless way.



4. Artwork formations

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 9 creation


There is no better way to bring on the indie vibe in your homes than by decorating with some personalized artwork. Of course you can even purchase pieces from local independent artists, but you can also frame your own artwork and use it as a decoration statement. The possibilities are endless, but the result is always stunning.



5. Home accessories

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Starry Homestead


Afghan, rugs and throw pillows – these are small parts of the overall interior design that can add a lot of personality to your spaces. These are also some of the objects that you can acquire from indie designers. For example, a custom afghan or rug can look so much better in the overall scheme of things than a mass produced one you can buy from just anywhere.

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