5 Simple Ways To Add Brick Style To Your HDB

Adobe is an organic building material made from earth and other organic materials. It is used for construction and comes in the form of large, baked masonry bricks. They are mostly used to design exterior building structures. They are known for their strength, durability and organic appearance.

If you’re looking to get a beautiful adobe brick aesthetic in your HDB interior designs, then there is no need to launch an actual adobe brick construction. You can get a very similar style of ambiance with alternative materials with visual and tactile textures similar to an adobe brick. Below, we will be discussing 5 ways you can emulate the adobe brick style in your HDB interior designs!



1. Curate the right material

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The very first step to get the adobe brick style ambiance is by curating the right material. Since you are not doing an actual construction, but are simply looking for a good cladding material, you should search the market for a material that will have a similar texture and cut. Sandstone is a good alternative. You can even use textured tiles to get a similar effect.




2. A boxy construction style

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The adobe brick construction style featured rounded edges and large window portals. You can emulate a similar effect in your interiors by using these boxy-round shapes in your interior design. Since the surrounding material can have a texture that is similar to the adobe brick, this will give your interior designs an authentic look.




3. Decorate with antiquated furniture

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The adobe brick construction style is one of the very first construction styles in the world. Therefore, it has a raw, antiquated look. To complement this style of interior design, you can decorate with furniture that has a similarly antique style. This can enhance the quality and aesthetic of your concept.




4. Merging with the contemporary style

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You can add some character and personality to your adobe brick themed interior by embellishing with contemporary touches. You can incorporate those with beautiful lighting fixtures, modern gadgets like LCD screens and even artwork that appeals to your tastes. The overall effect would be quite beautiful.




5. Adding contrast

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Free Space Intent

Since the adobe brick style is all about featuring the rawness of organic textures, you cannot simply use smooth surfaces to create contrast. To fit the overall aesthetic, you can use exposed brick walls in all their raw glory to create a beautiful contrast in your interior designs. The red-brick texture will complement the large shape and cut of the adobe brick look-alikes. This will beautify the overall look of your space even more.

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