5 Simple Ways To Add Masculine Touches To Your Bachelor Pad

We tend to pay more attention to the overall ‘style’ of an interior design these days. Many of these styles are quite gender neutral, so there are no split chronologies in that aspect. However, once in a while, a client wants to add masculine or feminine touches to their home. These can be very specific, and there are even several stereotypes about them in the genre of interior design as well. Today, we will be sharing 5 ways you can add masculine touches to your bachelor pad.


1. Be restrained with your theme

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The very first step here is selecting the right interior design theme. You can go with something that offers a restrained, industrial edge with a small leeway for amazing decoration in the mix. You can go with a retro-Scandinavian style theme and feature the restrained grey-beige-brown color scheme most of it is made of. It can offer some undertones of deeper browns that are the linchpin for masculinity in modern interior designs.



2. Be frugal with the products

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When it comes to adding masculine touches in the bathroom, the very first thing you need to do is get rid of all the products that maximalize your bathroom interior space. Instead, you can accessorize with cobble stones and even an indoor plant or two in order to get a truly refreshing vibe.nchpin for masculanity -brown color scheme most of it is made of. it




3. Be very crisp with your linework

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It is a well-worn stereotype that curvilinear edges and lines are more on the feminine spectrum of the design world. So going by the perception, anyone who wants to add some masculine touches in their homes can go with straight, crisp bold lines. They need to look very decisive and clean in execution to give off the right ambience.




4. Neutral furniture

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The furniture in any bachelor pad can be generic and still give off the right impact. It all depends on the surroundings and what exactly the atmosphere demands at that specific moment in the space. You can even go for spindly contemporary furniture and still retain that masculine aura in your interior design.




5. Vintage-Retro touches

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Plush leather, handmade wooden furniture, simplicity by design and a few vintage-retro touches are all quite an essential part of adding a masculine touch to any interior design. Many of these accoutrements may be very stereotypical but there is definitely a good reason for that! They’re all quite impactful in their own right, and fit with general perceptions that come with this specific theme.

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