5 Simple Ways To Avoid The Struggles You’ll Face In A Poorly Lit Room

The biggest disaster you’ll face during any renovation is not investing in a good lighting plan. More often than not, people tend to overlook the importance of good lighting, and we’re here to tell you that you should definitely make good investment in this part of the renovation. It ends up completely defining your end product. A poorly lit room becomes non-functional and aesthetically unpleasant. Nobody wants to sit down and experience a shadow mucked space. So here are 5 ways you can avoid the struggles you’ll face in a poorly lit room.


1. Day/Night settings

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Large windows that let in an abundance of natural light during the day are a fool-proof way to bring in a lot of light in your interior designs. However, during nighttime, this intervention can become quite useless. Therefore, you have to introduce the perfect balance of artificial and natural lighting in order to make your spaces fully livable.



2. Conjoined spaces

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The latest trend is always the open floor concepts and designing good lighting for such spaces can be challenging. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you ceiling has transitional areas. This means that the lighting between one zone – like the dining – and the other zone – like the living area – is sufficiently lit up. Otherwise your home will have unattractive dark zones.



3. Wholesome coverage

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If you feel like one part of your interior design is better lit then the other one, then you can definitely fix this easily. All you have to do is arrange an electrical point above the space that you feel is dark, and install an attractive feature light fixture (like a cluster of pendent lights) above it. It can definitely fix any and all poor lighting problems with style.



4. Go centralized

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A huge centralized light fixture like a chandelier is perfect for even distribution of light. It also provides nice aesthetic value to the space, which is always appreciated by the client. You can use this technique to better light up individual spaces like a bedroom or a relatively smaller living area.



5. Varying light fixtures

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Do you know that every light fixture comes with a different LED? And every LED has a different rate of light emission? This means that not all lights can provide the same amount of illumination. Therefore, always be careful about choosing different kinds of light fixtures. If you choose one with less illumination capacity, you’ll end up with dark spots and vice versa.

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