5 Simple Ways To Bring The Bauhaus Style In Contemporary Interior Design

The Bauhaus movement is one of the most iconic movements of the twentieth century. It was pioneered by Walter Gropius, a German architect and designer. It has its roots set in simplicity as well as functionality. It is a movement that practically defined the term ‘modernism.’ Gropius wanted this style to be a great amalgamation of function, efficiency and aesthetics. A major focus is set on simplicity. Unnecessary ornamentation is frowned upon in the Bauhaus style.

In this 21st century, it is still a style which is appreciated by many. Its application in the contemporary interior design genre is very well-received by the people. So, let’s take a look at how you can bring in the Bauhaus style in your interior design!


1. Simple materials

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One of the foremost rules of designing in this style requires stripping away any excess ornamentation. So, while designing in the Bauhaus style, use simple materials such as matt or gloss laminates. Nevertheless, the ceiling and floor have to be designed in a simple fashion.  Tiles of white and beige colors are much appreciated, along with lighting fixtures that are subtle in design.



 2. Window portals

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The Bauhaus style appreciates the use of maximum natural light. This is why window portals should be large enough to let in a lot of natural lighting. Also make sure that the window coverings used for décor and function are simple and modern – not traditional in the least, i.e. no drapes at all. Simple curtains are advisable though.




 3. Color scheme

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The Bauhaus style was all about stripping away the unnecessary and retaining only the basic components of the architecture and interior design. This is why you should always opt for either an all-white or simple monochrome color scheme while designing your interiors in the image of the Bauhaus aesthetic. In addition, it always emulate clean lines with a fast flow in this style.


4. Simple furniture

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The Bauhaus style is all about standardizing the basics, so furniture without any and all ornamentation is preferred. Modern style furniture a la simple lines, sleek surfaces and the most futuristic materials is very much appreciated in this style.



 5. Functionality

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This style of interior design emphasizes a lot on functionality; hence, every line, shelf and aspect of the design should have a particular function. Or it can seem redundant and not be an inherent part of this style at all.

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