5 Simple Ways To Create Moody & Dramatic Ambiance To Your Home

If dramatic is your way to deal with life, and any other approach is just off the mark with you, then chances are, this seeps into the spaces you live as well. The way you can introduce a moody, dramatic ambiance in your interior designs is kind of a subtle art that needs to be carefully thought out before implementation. Here are 5 easy ways you can do so!


1. Create an ambiance

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Urban Design House Pte Ltd


The best way to introduce a moody, dramatic interior design is to set the ambiance. You have to create a nice, authentic mood lighting in order to truly capture this aesthetic. Take a look at this image; the designers have used the tray ceiling with cove lights to create a dim, attractive ambiance that captures the right mood. The central ambient lights have been switched off in order to achieve the right ambiance.



2. Use the right color schemes

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Urban Design House Pte Ltd

Of course you have to choose the right colors in order for the ambiance to be truly wholesome. You can go with a darkly attractive color scheme that consists of metallic accents, blacks, greys, beiges and browns. Combined with the right lighting, the overall effect you can achieve with this technique can definitely help you capture the right aesthetic.



3. The setting

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Urban Design House Pte Ltd

The setting is always relevant no matter what style or aesthetic of interior design you’re going for. If you take a look at this image, you’ll see a platform bed that has been strategically set in a compact yet attractive formation with the study desk. It saves a lot of space and offers an instant dramatic impact to its surroundings.


4. Wall paneling

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Urban Design House Pte Ltd

Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile in order to fully capture the kind of drama you want to feature in your interior designs. Wall paneling is a great way for you to channel you desired aesthetic in an impactful and relevant way. For example, the lightly metallic aesthetic of the wall paneling used in this interior design rightfully captures the drama of a futuristic bedroom space.



5. Accessorize accordingly

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Urban Design House Pte Ltd

You have to stow away the mundane in order for that dramatic, moody effect to truly take. You can, however feature you appliances. They have enough of a futuristic impact that they complement the kind of aesthetic you’re trying to go for.

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