5 Simple Ways To Enjoy Casual Scandustrial Vibe

The Scandustrial style is gaining momentum in the Singapore interior design industry. It’s a hybrid style that takes a few elements of the Scandinavian style and a few elements of the industrial style to give a completely new aesthetic.

Scandustrial is truly casual, spacious and comfortable, which is why residents always love it. The best part about having Scandustrial interior designs is that your home looks effortlessly elegant by applying a small design interventions.

In this post, we are going to show you 5 ways which you can add the casual Scandustrial vibe to your home interior.


1. A casual ambiance

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For all the people who do not like grand styles like neo-classical or even the simplicity of minimalism, this would the perfect fit. The Scandustrial style is very casual with a sophisticated look. From the furniture to the wall designs and lighting, this interior design style has a very low key vibe that many people enjoy. Its relatively simple but still decorative design is extremely appreciated by all sorts of home owners!



2. Liberty with modern materials

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For all those people who love a bit of modernism but are not hard-core about its aesthetic, the Scandustrial style is the perfect choice. With this style, you get to take liberty with both modern and rustic materials in the same setting/ where else would you get to have a sleek combination of wooden floors and glass walls without it looking out of place?



3. A spacious layout

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One of the best parts most users enjoy about the Scandustrial style is its spacious interior design layout. Yes, the theme is designed on an open floor layout, but the elegant yet cozy ambiance of the Scandustrial style lends it an extra oomph which makes the overall ambiance ten times more enjoyable. It’s a great design style for those looking to be effortlessly stylish.



4. Light and dark themes

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The Scandustrial style allows for the blending of various light and dark themes – but not of the conventional variety. You can play with a number of materials in both light and dark shades to spice up the interiors in a subtle but great way. textures, laminates, wood and even exposed brick can come together to give beautiful and comfortable interiors!



5. A lot of natural light

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Most of the interior design style focus on covering up the window portals rather than enhancing them. But natural light is a very important aspect of the Scandustrial style, and so the windows and window coverings are a major part of the aesthetic. The use of lots of natural light creates a cozy atmosphere that many users enjoy very much.

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