5 Simple Ways To Get An Effortless Casual Interior Design

Casual interior designs are the ones that look lived-in and stylishly worn out. They have a friendly atmosphere that looks trendy with a dash of shabby chic. This kind of an interior design looks effortlessly rumpled – live you’ve lived in a place for a long time, but it hasn’t lost its style.  So if you’re looking for a way to make your interior designs seem effortlessly casual, then let’s this is the right place for you.


1. Use lots of textures

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A lot of textures can give an interior design a lived-in look. It will give the space a worn-out feeling that gives it a warm and cozy vibe.  The best way to do that would be by introducing exposed brick walls that span at least the length of a feature wall.  So if you have a media wall in your home, you can design it with exposed bricks to get a casual but elegant vibe in your homes.



2. Lots of wooden textures

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Wooden accents are a great way to imbue coziness in your interior designs. If you use wood in a lighter shade – preferably oak wood accents – then it would heighten the coziness even more while still looking casual. Lighter colors of wood have a more relaxing effect in interior designs. They also look very friendly, especially if your furniture is designed in a fun, retro way to complement it.



 3. Pleasant colors

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Colors are very important while designing interiors. Every color has a mood of its own, and casual interior designs call for a visually pleasant color palate. You should use colors are soft and pleasant to look at – think: baby pink and sky blue. They can instantly relax the mind and body.  If the color palate is sharp, then the interior design would be more on the formal or themed side.



4. Comfy furniture

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Everyone has that one piece of furniture that has become their ultimate bias. It can be an armchair, couch or even an ottoman, and you prefer it mostly because it is more comfortable than the rest of the furniture in your home. So this is why comfy furniture is always a must have in a casual style interior design. Choose something that is plush, but not too formal like leather.



 5. Café vibe

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Café style home interior design has all the elements that make for a warm and cozy setting. For example, a relaxing vibe, organic textures like wood and brick with a lot of personal art that personalizes the space. It’s a great way to design casual but trendy interior spaces.

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