5 Simple Ways To Get Marvelous Eclectic Home Interior

Eclectic basically entails to something that is diverse is aesthetic, but easily relatable when it comes to visuals and ergonomics. An eclectic style interior design uses a diverse color, material and style palate to give an end result that is epitome of chaotically wholesome. It’s a very contradictory style, but that is where its charm actually lies. Below, we’ll be looking at 5 ways you can go all out with an eclectic interior design.



1. An overall cohesive vibe

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Even when you’re using quite a number of styles and materials in one singular interior setting, it is important that you get a wholesome and cohesive look. If your space ends up looking too dissonant than the eclectic vibe may look extremely off-putting. You can make your spaces look cohesive by using similar color scheme and material tones while making the styling dissimilar.



2. Creative accessorizing

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Gallery walls and conventional bookshelves may be the ultimate raging trends in the Singapore design market, but they simply won’t work in an eclectic design scheme. The idea is to create a little something different by curating atypical accessories and objects. So you can hunt for vintage accessories and retro industrial decoration pieces. You’ll definitely find interesting things online.


3. Going under

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Creating unconventional design objects from typical interior design essentials is what designers do best. This is also a concept that is extremely appreciated in eclectic style interior designs. You can even create dips and levels in your custom kitchen counter as an ode to this interior design style. It will definitely keep the ambiance interesting.



4. Texture 

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Swiss Interior

Dissimilar but complementary textures are another way you can make your interior designs interesting while keeping things interesting. You can complement a praline exposed brick wall with walnut textured wooden console to create a beautiful accent wall design. This is how you can keep your overall ambience interesting while retaining an atypical vibe.



5. Colors to your advantage

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Swiss Interior


There is no specifically set color scheme when you’re working with an eclectic style interior design. You can choose warm browns and burgundies as well as soft greens and electric blues. This allowable diversity is something that you can definitely use to your advantage when delivering a cleverly designed eclectic interior setting.

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