5 Extremely Simple Ways To Live In A Futuristic Style

Most of the designers draw inspiration from the tradition; however; those who have a vision for the future come up with truly great designs. Think deeply, in the previous twenty years, have we ever thought that we would live in an era of automated innovation?

Having a great vision for future while implementing the element to the interior design is known as Futurism. It consists of space-age and biomorphic shapes along with a clean, minimal aesthetic. We are going to share with you about the 5 easy ways which you can add the futuristic style to your home! Let's go!



1. Creative take on furniture

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Futuristic furniture is very different from the normal furniture styles we use these days. It has a very distinct style that immediately stands out in any surroundings. The normal mom-and-pop couch and traditional dining set looks very outdated in comparison to the Futuristic style of furniture. It is different in stature and form. It defies the normal set-up and looks absolutely groundbreaking – think; tulip tables and cherner or tolix chairs.




2. Stark lighting

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Both movies <Star Trek> and <Star Wars> were iconic in conceptualizing what the future might look like. Aside from many other things, they got the lighting style on point. The futuristic design focuses on stark white lighting. Dim gold and soft-glow lighting styles only take away from the alacrity of this style, so it is best to avoid that.




3. Materials and textures

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You cannot slap on organic style materials in an interior design and call it Futuristic. This style has a very distinctive aesthetic that can only be translated through high-end and upscale materials. These include but are not limited to galvanized metals, high gloss laminates, acrylic and resin back splashes and even gloss texture porcelain tiles.




4. No clutter

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The futuristic style embraces a minimalistic vibe. There is no clutter in a futuristic style interior design. There is an emphasis on organization and storage. Every space is designed in clean and sharp lines with glossy finishes to stave off any traditional vibes.




5. Textures in light tones

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Inspire ID Group

In order to ensure the interior designs is not too stark or austere, designers use mild textures in neutral hues like grey to create interest in the surroundings. You can do this by using lightly textures materials like a custom-cut marble feature wall or even a bed cover.

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