5 Simple Ways To Use Art To Your Home

What is art?

Rainbow Rowell gave it a simple but resonating definition in her acclaimed book Elenor and Park. She wrote, “Art isn’t supposed to look nice. It is supposed to make you feel something.”

In interior design however, art is supposed to have a little more context. Yes, it can be abstract like geometric patterns and bold lines, but it can also be as simple as hanging a beautiful painting on a feature wall.


Below, we are going to share 5 ways you can use art in your interior designs.


1. Wall Mural


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Inspire ID

Murals have been used to decorate interior designs since time immemorial. It started from the very first cave drawings and continues even today as we paint beautiful sceneries or compelling ideas on our feature walls. The beauty of murals is that they can be of anything and everything, but it is best to stay within the context of your interior design theme. For example, if your interior design is ocean themed then you can paint a lighthouse mural on a feature wall.




2. Photo frames

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Photography first emerged as a relevant art genre during the modern movement. Artists used to capture beautiful scenes and paint them by hand later. This gradually evolved into the true photography genre of today, where we treat images on software like Photoshop and Illustrator. It is an art-form that is very personal, and you can use it to create impressive photo frame collages on your feature walls.




3. Graphic design

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: DotsNTots Interior

Graphic design is more than simply animation. It is taking a simple idea and converting it into vivid images simply through the power of your imagination. Comic books and movies wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the innovation in graphic design. So you can display your favorite graphic art in large photo-frames or even have digitally printed wallpapers swathed on the walls.




4. Architecture within architecture

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Many would argue that architecture is not an art but a science. It is actually a fine combination of the two. So using architecture as a form of art in your homes is completely plausible. You can do this by setting up a small tent in a study room, or simply designing a small room within a room.




5. Sculptural

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: SpaceSense Studio


While the definition of sculpture has morphed completely, it is still finding footing in the interior design genre. But as an art-from it persists. You can incorporate a sculpture like artful-ness in your interior designs by designing furniture in biomorphic and other sculptural shapes.

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