5 small details that can make or break a bathroom design

Whether you want your bathrooms to be functionally reliable or aesthetically pleasing, there’s always a lot of thought that goes into such details. While selecting the tiles and fixtures comprises of the major components, there are tons of other things that need to be carefully considered as well. So today we’ve compiled a list of 5 small details that can make or break a bathroom design.


1. Designing it right 

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If your fixtures aren’t within easy reach then what’s the point of even installing them? So whether it’s a shower or a towel hanger or the sink, make sure that they’ve been placed right and been installed within easy reach of the user. This includes the height and the accessibility. All of these aspects need to be perfect and user-friendly for the bathroom to be functional.


 2. Never ignore the shelving

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Shelving – especially in the shower – is one of the most important essentials. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to be minimal with your lifestyle or actual design, never ever compromise on the shelving. If you do, you’ll end up making your life harder. There are a great lot of small essentials – soaps, shampoos, bath salts, conditioners and more – which need a permanent place. Try to go for corner shelves. They’re easy to install and spacious enough to accommodate a lot of things.


 3. Don’t underestimate the décor

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Adding small decorative details to your bathrooms is incredibly important. It’s good to have all the functional parts ready. So whether it’s a small planter, a photo frame or a bottle of incense, you have to have one or the other to add a bit of personality to your bathrooms.


 4. Don’t be afraid to experiment

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The bathroom is one of the only rooms where it can pay off to be as experimental as possible. Want to try out a bold new tile combo? Go for it! Want to make use hexagonal tiles in your space? Go for it! Have a unique sink that you want? It’s fine to go with it. This is how you can make your bathrooms as distinct as possible.


 5. Don’t compromise on lighting

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If you’ve ever thought about saving on the lighting because you think your bathroom can do without a fancy light fixture, then stop right there. Remember that your bathroom is just as important as the rest of your home interior, and if you need some accent lighting to enhance its aesthetic, then it’s definitely going to pay off in the long run!

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