5 Small Interior Design Essentials For Your Living Room

Sometimes, small things tend to have a huge impact on the overall visuals of an interior design. That one table lamp that you didn’t pay much attention to can end up being the focal point of your room. Or that freestanding stool-set that you didn’t even know where to put can end up being a total trendsetter! These small design interventions are what makes an interior design seem holistic and complete. Below, we’ll take a look at 5 small interior design essentials for every HDB living room!

1. An area rug

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No living room is ever complete without a nice, attractive area rug. There are a lot of varieties you can find in an area rug, and the one you end up choosing depends on the style of interior design you’re choosing for your HDB. A shag rug looks stylish and appropriate in a contemporary or modern setting. Oriental rugs work best in Islamic, Raj Style and other high-concept interior designs. It’s a small essential that can completely transform the face of your interior design.

2. Window grill designs

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The importance of customized window grills is often overlooked in lieu of bigger renovation works. However, it is extremely important to pay attention to your window grills. If they do not match your overall interior design theme, then it can have a negative impact on the ambiance of your space. On the other hand, a nicely designed grill can help give your space a more holistic look.

3. Shelving on media walls

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Shelving on media walls is quite essential. If you go for a plain one, then at least try to have a console designed for storing media paraphernalia that go with your LCD. These shelves can add a functional and pragmatic integrity to your interior designs while also being pleasant to look at. So you should always make sure that your media wall has appropriate shelving before approving the design.

4. Side tables

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While a coffee table to match your sectional is absolutely essential, many people overlook the importance of side tables. You may think that they’re totally redundant until one day you’re reaching out to put something beside the sofa arm and find nothing there. So you must always have a matching set of side tables to complement your couch.

5. Contrasting throw pillows

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A couch never seems complete without proper cushions to complement it. Notice that no living room looks complete without the ubiquitous scattering of throw pillows on the couch.

The trick here is to create a mismatched selection that features a blend of bold, bright and understated colors all at once.

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