5 small interiors designed like pros

5 small interiors designed like pros

Small style interior designing is all the rage these days – not because of any tradition, but because of necessity. A small style interior works with small spaces and how to make them seem spacious with relevant décor and design techniques; be it color scheming, lighting or designing smart furniture or even the utilization of an open floor plan technique. A small style interior is important in the contemporary era because small apartments have become a lifestyle of sorts, and people want to know how to make the best of their space. Today, we will be looking at a few small style interiors that have been designed like pros, and might just inspire you to redo your own.

  1. Of red, white and fifty shades of grey

This interior is a small scale genius design. It utilizes both natural light and modern designing to cut back the fluffy accoutrements of the décor and focuses on making the space seem natural in an effortless sort of way. The grey color scheme may sound like a dull idea, but combined with a little pop and lock – yellow and red – the perfect visual balance can be attained for the interior to seem perfectly harmonized. A particularly genius intervention of large window with those blinds, make the space seem large and voracious.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Hue Concept Interior Design

  1. Layer on the white

White is a color that seems to rather be a blank canvas; it can be an excellent backdrop but only very few know how to expertly paint with it. The interior below showcases an all-white color scheme, which has been carried out in a brilliant fashion. There is not a thing that seems out of place. The block printing of the wall designs actually make it seem three dimensional and dynamic, whereas the lighting makes it seem almost translucent – which the reflective qualities of the white space make the space seem larer.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Brick & Mortar Interiors

  1. Dichotomy

Small style interior usually work with open floor plan schemes, mostly to conserve space, while at the same time, make the circulation more proactive and dissimilar. In the interior below, you can see how to carry this concept in an expert rendition of design – psychological barriers through use of different materials whole still maintaining a unified front.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Starry Homestead

  1. Levels

Another way to make small spaces seem larger is to cut down the walls, unify the interior and join the spaces with levels. Each level can indicate the difference in the typology of the space, as demonstrated in the interior below.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: KDOT ASSOCIATES

  1. Long-span

Apartment spaces come with an already narrow alternative plan, so small style material applications in these spaces are integral. As in the interior below, you can plan the layout in a longitudinal way and point a change in typology with a different wall cladding or design. This way allows for maximum utilization of space without any hassle.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Icon Interior



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