5 Small Style Luxury Inspirations For Your Renovation

If you think that luxury cannot be contained in a small style home ambiance than you’re wrong. In fact, Singaporean designers constantly come up with new and innovative ways to make small homes feel like the epitome of luxurious. Still can’t understand how that can happen? Want to know how? Well, here are a few inspirations for you:


1. Stripes and whites

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

The classy white and glossy finished of this living room interior design instantly capture the heart with their sleekness. The clean articulation of the whole concept feels very luxurious, and is enhanced by the use of light, breezy, and reflective hues. The stylish ebony strips throughout capture contrast while the recessed lighting enhances the whole vibe.


2. Tunnel aesthetic

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

The open floor concept translated in this small space interior design is an excellent way to articulate small-style luxury. Standing at one end, it feels like the entrance to a very glamorous hotel penthouse suite. This aura is enhanced by the understated beauty of the achromatic colour scheme and the creative use of natural and artificial light throughout the space.


3. Charisma in bold

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

This bedroom is a study in bold highlights – from the dark accent wall to the chocolaty wood textures, and even the use of statement worthy bed covers sets this room instantly apart. It feels highly decadent and luxurious despite its medium size – something straight out of a movie or a luxury hotel catalogue. It’ll certainly feel like your very own personal suite when you articulate it like this.


4. Inserting a walk-in closet

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

Many Singaporean homes just don’t have space enough for a full-sized walk in closet, but this bedroom is proof enough that you don’t need much space to begin with. Featuring lots of open shelves in all shapes and sizes with as much reflective mirror cladding throughout the small alcove, this walk-in feels like it has been plucked straight out of a movie set – a small yet luxurious version.


5. Openness is key

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

This modern home office is the pinnacle of luxurious and most of it is in part due to its clever layout. The wall to wall furniture placement keeps things spacious while the trendy designs of the desk and seating complement the minimalist aura of the small room really well. Proportions matter a lot when it comes to small spaces, and this office features the best of them all.


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