5 smart ways you can create your accent wall

The accent wall – also known as the feature wall – is an important part of any home, whether large or small. It not only determines the credible aesthetics of our space, but it also helps imbue a sense of charisma and glamor within the whole ambiance. Now, there are a ton of ways that you can go about designing your accent wall, and today we’ll be sharing 5 of the best ones. Let’s take a look:


1. Feature length media walls

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Feature length media walls take up the entirety of a main wall and deliver a cohesive design. These are usually emulated in homes that have an open floor plan. The design of such accent walls has to respect the constraints of the media paraphernalia (i.e. the console, LCD screen, and other such items) with respect to the overall design. It usually features an ongoing design with a single-colour scheme and a texture for contrast.


2. Accent wall come storage

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If you’re not inspired by the idea of having a single, cohesive feature wall design, then this way might sound more interesting to you. By adding partial storage to the whole aesthetic, you can emulate a functional integrity to the design while still retaining its aesthetics. This way, even though a part of your accent wall is comprised of purely visuals, the other part can deliver the best of pragmatics.


3. Combining open and closed shelving

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If you’re into the idea of ‘functional décor’ then having a feature wall be fully composed of shelves of all kinds can be your ideal aesthetic. To mix things up, you can experiment with different shelf designs – open, closed, full-length, cabinets, and more. When you find the combination that interests you, you can execute its ideal interpretation on your accent wall.


4. Open shelving with accent paint

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Here’s another way you can get a great feature wall with both functional and decorative articulation. You can design an open-shelf combination on your accent wall, and have it nicely contrasted and set-up against a backdrop of beautiful paint. While the shelves can be decorated with books, trinkets, and other essentials, the painted wall can deliver an eye-catching appeal to the whole setting.


5. Feature bookcases and wardrobes

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Space Atelier

At the end of day, you can also go fully functional with your accent wall by designing feature length bookcases and wardrobes on it. This kind of an execution/design looks best in private or semi-private parts of a home, including study areas, bedrooms, home offices, and the like.


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