5 Smooth Textures That Can Fill Your Space With Charisma

There’s an infinite list of textures that can e emulated in an interior design. It all totally depends on the style or theme of your space. However, you definitely need to stay away from the typical. So here are 5 smooth textures that can fill your space with lots of charisma:


1. Ash wood laminates

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Jialux Interior

Out of all wooden textures, ash wood is probably the most unique. It has a gorgeous smoky aesthetic that looks absolutely stunning when paired with almost everything. It can be used to laminate cabinets, shelves, furniture, and can be used to accent floors as well. Its muted, understated grace is able to complement all sorts of interior design styles fully.


2. Homogenous wave tiles

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Jialux Interior

Vertical waves are a pretty unique texture and can make a space look totally charismatic. They work really well in bathrooms – especially if you have a feature wall in a shower stall that you want to look tall or different from the rest of the ambiance. They can also work well as kitchen backsplashes, so you can introduce them there as well.


3. Cloudy browns

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab

Most people are used to turning exclusively to wooden textures when it comes to introducing brown accents in their home interior designs. However, cloudy brown wall tiles are just as more impactful and charismatic. What’s even better is that they’re very elegant and chic to boot, so your spaces are never going to look boring or kitschy with them.


4. Smooth white everything

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab

White is one of those evergreen hues that have a presence that is completely their own. It may always be subtle, but you can always feel its absence. Many homeowners like dressing their spaces in this hue, and it never fails to deliver a uniquely breezy outlook in all of them. From countertops to plain walls and shelving laminates, there are tons of ways you can emulate it in your home interiors.


5. Pearlescent concrete

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Cott Interior

Concrete textures have a natural charisma and edginess that translate quite nicely in all sorts of spaces. Whether it’s a living room floor, a bedroom media wall, or even kitchen countertops, this texture has the ability to make it all seem chic, sophisticated, and distinctly attractive all the same time. You can even pair it up with beautiful lighting and gorgeous accessories for maximum effect.


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