5 Stylish Furniture Pieces That Can Change The Entire Ambiance Of Home

Furniture is one of those interior design essentials, without which a home can never be truly functional. You always need a particular surface to sit, to eat, to lay down and relax on. This is why furniture is not only an aesthetical, but also a functional necessity. Over the centuries, various styles of furniture have been used and discarded with the evolution of our aesthetic, and today, we need at least one stylish piece to make our interior designs statement-worthy and complete. So here are 5 stylish furniture pieces that can change the entire ambiance of your home.



1. Statement couch piece

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept

The teal colored statement couch used in this interior design is one of a kind. Its bright color is not only refreshing but also very attractive, it instantly catches the eye and automatically makes the L-shaped couch the center of attention within the living area. You can also make your couch the centerpiece of your open-style living room by choosing the right colors and textures.



2. Rattan style terrace chairs

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept

Usually, the terrace gets overlooked in lieu of the other parts of the interior design. However, it is just as important to visually treat your terrace as it is for the rest of your homes. Therefore, you should always treat your terrace design with care. An easy way to do so is to set them up with nice, outdoor furniture. Rattan chairs and tables are always out-door friendly, comfortable to sit in, and look aesthetically pleasing at the same time.



3. Mismatched dining chairs

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept

The dining table with an all-matching chair-set can look extremely boring considering the aesthetic sensibilities of the contemporary generation. This is why having mismatched chairs in the mix can look particularly pleasing to the eye. Using this technique can also lend a rogue, shabby chic aura to your interior design, which can end up looking especially attractive.



4. Shelving unit

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept

Shelving units are usually designated to the periphery of an interior design, and have a low probability of being the center of attention in an HDB interior design. However, the shelving unit in this particular interior design is interestingly attractive. This is because it features a lot of decorative value, and the combination of small-style decorations is what keeps attracting the eye again and again.



5. Freestanding stools

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: D’Initial Concept

Freestanding furniture is always used in an isolated fashion, and gives any interior design an extremely vintage look. You can use stools, consoles and even chairs of this variety to make your interior designs look stand-out with the help of proper furnishings.

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