5 Super Simple Ways To Inject Fun To Minimalist Home Design

Minimalism is a style that is typically considered to be a little too uppity to be fun – but rest assured that you can definitely have a little fun with it. Although you cannot decorate it in the usual contemporary fashion, there are always some unique ways that you may incorporate a little bit of playfulness to leech away the impersonal-ness of a minimalist interior design. Below, we’ll be sharing 5 clever ways in which you can make your minimal interior designs less boring.


1. Creative screen designs

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

Minimalism is a style that is not the most upbeat ones in the bunch, so what can you do in order to bring out a slightly more playful side of its aesthetic? You work with what you already have. Screens and half-walls are a great way to stylize your minimal interiors. You can have them designed in a very expressive manner that is simple enough to go hand in hand with the minimal aspect. This will definitely make your minimal style less boring and more impactful.


2. Just a bold splash of color

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

While minimalism is an aesthetic that is mostly designed with soft, neutral colors, you can definitely incorporate that occasional splash of bold, vivid color to add a more contemporary vibe to it. Just remember not to use more than a single color, and make sure that its finish is always very smooth and minimal. Otherwise, you’ll inadvertently change the overall style of your interior design without even knowing it.



3. Focus on the finish

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Minimalism is one of those interior design styles in which material finishes always matter. You do not have the liberty to play with visual or tactile surfaces. You simple have to make do with smooth, glossy surfaces that are extremely simple in style and totally straightforward in aesthetic. Anything more will simply look too much for a style that embraces its plainness.


4. Use temporary surfaces to your advantage

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

Your interior design is made up of a lot of temporary surfaces – i.e. bed sheets, throw pillows, etc. these can be the perfect canvas for you to bring a little personal flair in your minimalistic setting. You can use soft, pastel hues in your bed covers to bring a more solid texture in your overall interior design. Similarly, you can use a small throw pillow set to add that bold color.



5. Creative furniture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Minimalist Society

Did you know that you still have a lot of room to play even if you’re designing a mostly minimalist furniture design aspect to match your interior designs? For example; a picnic table style dining table or even a tulip table accompaniment can look absolutely stunning in a minimal aesthetic.

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