5 Things About Partition Walls That Every Homeowner Should Know

Partition walls are usually decorative and do not bear the load of the structure. Therefore, over the years, designers have come up with brand new ways to make them as stylistic as possible. With several material alterations and delicate designs, there’s a lot every newbie homeowner needs to know about partition walls. Let’s take a look:


1. Location

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The location of your partition wall needs to be very strategic. They’re usually used in open floor plans to create a sense of separation between certain spaces. A partition wall between the dining area and living room is requisite in most Singaporean homes if the layout isn’t too small to accommodate that. Other than that, they can be used in a luxury bathroom and its closet.


2. Material

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The material of your patition wall totally depends on the kind of theme you’re going for. Most rustic contemporary interior designs use wooden textured mullions while modern iterations emulate sleek, glossy laminate claddings. Some people also opt for painted mild steel wrought in intricate patterns while others go for stainless steel or reflective mirror claddings on solid bases for a more glam effect.


3. Style

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Once again, the style of your partition wall is totally dependent upon the surrounding theme. Vintage, eclectic, and traditional settings inspire geometric patterns in their partition wall designs, but on the other hand modern and contemporary ambiances are all about sleek linearity and only feature simple styles like vertical mullions, horizontal slats, and more.


4. Transparency

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At the end of the day, one of the major functional features of partition walls is to ensure that you retain some manner of privacy while still delivering a semi-openness in the layout. This transparency is one of the reasons that partition walls have become so stylistic over the years. Many designs try to capture the gracefulness of slender materials while keeping the whimsy of the open-floor layout intact.


5. Decorative

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

The beauty of partition walls is that they can sometimes be used in a purely decorative format. This can work because these walls don’t essentially have any load-bearing capacity at all, and have the ability to imbue the ambiance with a lot of charisma with the stylish, trendy, and innovative designs!


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