5 Things That Interior Designers Don’t Want To Let You Know

While designing spaces to perfection may be a craft, interior designing is also a business. So whenever you’re thinking of approaching a professional for expert advice and consultancy, it’s best that you always keep the business end of this partnership in mind. So today, we’ll be sharing 5 things your interior designer would rather you not know, and how you can get past them!




1. Being clear about budget constructs

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The thing about interior designing is that it can get a little tricky to rein in all of your design desires. You may get carried away with those posh kitchen countertops or you may get enamored with those expensive Spanish tiles and at the end of the day, overspending on such things can be a budget buster. Your interior designer is not going to keep within a presumed limit until and unless you exclusively tell them to. So don’t forget to have a firm discussion about your allocated budget before starting.




2. Learning how to say no

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Most designers have large, dynamic personalities that have been especially nurtured to enrapture the clients. So while they may be suggesting ideas, you may find it hard to disagree with something. It may be that you get intimidated, or it may be that you won’t get the chance. But always remember that you have the power to add some key notes here and there in the design process so don’t forget to state your opinions.




3. Part of the whole

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One important fact that you must always remember that interior design services are not ‘all or nothing.’ The fact is that you can focus on any part of your home for the renovation – be it just the kitchen, the bathroom or even the bedroom. If you want to invest solely on any of these spaces, then you can simply ask your designer to do so!





4. Your ideas might not float their boat

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Designers usually have a very clear-cut vision about many things, so sometimes, they may not appreciate your ideas very much. Of course there is a huge amount of difference between a trained professionals aesthetic as compared to a well-prepared home owner, so do not be disheartened by this fact and trust their judgment – they’re guiding you right.




5. Salvaging existing objects

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Here’s the thing: you don’t always have to go big or go home – you can simply reuse and recycle some of the old objects in your home to add personal touches and character. It can be an old vase used as an antique, or you could dismantle some old carpentry to reclaim wood for the new one. The choices are quite limitless.

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