5 things to consider before a home renovation

5 things to consider before a home renovation

Imagine this: your interior decked out in a flamboyant color scheme in a tiny space that was never supposed to bear the brunt of such colorful manifestations. Or a huge, traditional furniture piece decked out in a tiny corridor.

Terrible realization of a perfect aesthetic right? Happens to the best of us.

Understanding the restrictions of your imagination is pretty important while you’re considering a renovation. Often times, we paint a colorful picture of what we want our homes to look like while planning out that much needed renovation, but refrain from jumping ahead to conclusions. There are a number of things to consider before you launch a full-scale remodel. Let us share some tips on a few things to consider before pulling out the big guns.

  1. The size of your space

Before you run too hard and too fast into a renovation roadblock, you need to take a deep breath and carefully consider the size of your existing interior. Imagine the décor or the style that you want inside the constraints of your existing space. Appraise it carefully and determine if the proportions would look well within the space that already exists. You have to understand the limitations of actual design as compared to your dream visuals. Oftentimes, we have our heart set on a design that would never look that good in the place we want to put it in.

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  1. Know your style

Everybody has that secret home renovation board on their Pinterest account. No matter how hard to try to avoid, some picture perfect magazine spread always manages to attract the eye. Well, while you’re creating that mood board, try not to make a hodge-podge of your coveted style. if you’re a traditional kind of a person, don’t delve in too much contemporary and vice versa.

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  1. Interior details

Small details like book shelves, furniture and tuffies can make or break your aesthetic. If your accessories are bad, it reflects on your space. So make up your mind, search some designs and look for the proportions that will fit within your space.

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  1. Open or not

The biggest dilemma of any renovation is whether to go for open space planning or not. On one hand it is actually pretty easy on the visuals, but on the other hand, if you break down a load bearing wall it can damage your structure, costing you a pretty penny to boot. So consider all options carefully while managing your budget.

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  1. Ceilings and floor

The most underrated parts of any interior, ceiling designs and floor patterns are often relegated to the design backburner. While you’re looking for beautiful objects, wall features and accessories, do not forget to search for the perfect floor materials or a nice, accentuating ceiling design.

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