5 Things To Remember While Installing Air-Conditioning In Your Homes

The stifling heat of Singapore is a setback that residents have learned to live with – but not without installing some power air-cons in their homes. However, it’s important to note that air conditioners are an important, if often overlooked part of the whole interior design. So today, we are going to share 5 things that you need to remember while installing air-conditioning in your homes.




1. No extending pipes

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The air-conditioner always needs to be attached to a compressor, so finding that perfect sweet spot to install both of these units without extended piping is always crucial. It’s also important to know that extended piping can inversely affect the cooling power of your air-conditioner. So whenever you’re installing one, make sure that the air-con and compressor are close together so you wouldn’t have to opt for extra piping.




2. No air-con in open zones

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If you have opted for an open floor plan, then going for central cooling would be the best course of action. A single air-con unit is never enough to cover such a huge amount of area with so many corners and alcoves in the mix. Therefore, it is always better to avoid installing one in open spaces.




3. Predetermined ceiling zones

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The location of your air-con is always crucial to the false ceiling design. The drop of the false ceiling always had a small niche that helps hide away the top half of the air-con. This way, only the bottom, functioning half is visible. This is an important factor to consider during the process of your renovation, as it can impact the ceiling design.




4. Only enclosed spaces

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Normally, air-con units work best in enclosed spaces. They don’t have to be terribly small – a medium sized room can be chilled just as well by an adequately sized air-con unit. So you can definitely opt for installing air-cons in your bedrooms, as they are mostly enclosed and would not disperse the cooling of your unit.




5. Inverter or non-inverter

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Aart Boxx Interior

The conundrum of inverter vs. non-inverter air-con is a regular one that all Singapore home owners face. An inverter unit reduces the speed of the air-con unit once the desired chilled temperature is achieved while the non-inverter one runs on full load. So it’s always recommended to go for inverter units if you want to save energy costs in the long run.

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