5 Things To Upgrade Your Dining-Kitchens With In 2019

The dining room and kitchen are two home renovation essentials that are often interchanged with each other when it comes to designing. Here are 5 awesome upgrades that you can include in your dining and kitchen areas for a trendy 2019 model:


1. Cool lighting

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So here’s the thing: no kitchen can function properly without good lighting, but you can take this upgrade to a whole new level by investing in fixtures that have a great stylistic value as well. These may include pendent lights, ceiling lights, and even toe-kicks at the bottom of the kitchen countertops for an added dramatic effect.


2. When the space is small

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When your kitchens are small but your ideas are big, you simply have to think out of the box to get an innovative space. Instead of focusing on the layout, you can just focus on the small details. The carpentry and material finishes are a good way to get started. This kind of an upgrade requires a lot of thought, so you better be prepared to extensively survey the market.


3. Break down the walls

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Closed off kitchens are so last decade, which is why you need to start off your 2019 with an open model. You don’t have to completely mow down all the barriers – in fact, some homeowners prefer a large entrance to an entirely open plan. Similarly, you can just go for glass partition walls and bifold doors to get the right results.


4. An island breakfast bar

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You might have heard of typical breakfast bars and kitchen islands, but if you feel like your home is too small to accommodate such large ideas: think again. You can have a hybrid of the island-bar in your homes instead of a typical dining alcove, and you can have your designer help you retrofit it within the open floor layout. You might have to compromise a bit on the size, but at the end of the day, this upgrade is going to be worth it.


5. Get your dining an accent wall

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Simply investing in the right dining room set is not enough these days. You must ensure that it has a beautiful backdrop to boot. There are a lot of ways that you can do so. Some homeowners like having a contemporary shelf as a backdrop while others opt for reflective mirrors to enhance the spatial value of their dining nooks. Others just go for patterned wood works and carpentry to achieve the epitome of décor.


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