5 Things You Can Add To Your Media Wall

A media wall is not just a placeholder for the TV – it’s a multipurpose wall that has become a total home essential over the course of the years. It’s a trendy way to emulate some much-needed add-on’s to your spaces, and below we’ll discuss just what you can introduce in them to benefit the functionality and aesthetics of your home. Let’s take a look:


1. Media paraphernalia

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Of course no media wall can ever be truly functional without actual reservoirs for the media paraphernalia on them. This function totally depends on your preference, though. So if you’ve got a large surround sound, you must make enough room for all the speakers. On the other hand, a simple DVD owner can just have a small compartment on their console and be done with it,


2. Decoration shelves

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The most important addition that you can make to your media wall is of open, decorative shelves. These can be in-built and paired with closed shelving or can be floating decorational shelves. The accessories that you feature in these are not only to add beauty to your space, but can also be eye-moving design elements that bring out the best in your media wall.


3. Closed functional shelves

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You’ll never appreciate the importance of closed storage until you run out of space to stow away your stuff. The media wall is an excellent way to ensure that you never do. Littered in-between the open shelves can be closed compartments where you can keep all the things you want to remain out of sight and out of mind. They’ll definitely be a great add-on to our media wall.


4. Backlighting accessorization

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You can add backlighting to your media wall to glamorize its design. It’s not only an attractive technique to spice up your home interiors, but also an excellent way to highlight the accessories that you’ve put into the shelves as well. You can install acrylic backed lights, rope lights, or even simple down-lighters to get whatever aesthetic that you’re going for.


5. Overall aesthetics

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Renozone Interior Design

The overall aesthetics of a media wall are an important part of your home presentation. In fact, the media wall is the focal point of a living room interior design most of the time. Without it, your homes may feel isolated and incomplete. This is why all the aforementioned additions can be linked to the solitary presence of this multipurpose wall for a holistic home design.


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