5 Tips For Adding Colour in your modern homes

Modern style interior design is known for being sleek, fashionable, and mostly articulated in neutral colours. There aren’t many bright hues that you can find in this particular genre of interior design, but that shouldn’t be a reason to stop anyone who loves both modernism and colours. So below, we’ll be sharing 5 tips for adding colour in your modern homes:


1. All hail the area rug

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The most obvious way to add bright colours in modern homes is by furnishing with a vividly hued area rug. Now, here’s where things get challenging because area rugs are available in so many different styles that it can be especially hard to pick one. If you want to add a touch of traditional contrast, go for orientals. If you want a contemporary aura, go for abstract rugs, and if you want simplicity, go for solid hues.


2. Don’t underestimate couch cushions

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Another mainstream way to add bright colours to modern spaces is by using lots of couch cushions. You can either choose a cluster of these that are similar in colour. Alternately, you can also choose mismatch and multicoloured ones if you want more colour diversity. Moreover, you can also pick patterned cushions if you want to bring an eclectic aura in your modern space.


3. Light fixtures for the win

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Well, these days there are a lot of new and innovative light fixtures that can help you emulate colour contrast in neutrally designed modern homes. Whether these are colourful Edison bulbs or a customized fixture, the choice totally depends on you.


4. The power of décor accessories

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Home décor accessories might be small in size but they definitely have a large visual impact. In fact, curate a cluster of these together in a space and it’ll start to automatically look colourful. The trick in this technique is to find contrast accessories that not only complement each other but also variate in size so that they look visually dynamic.


5. Go wild with the window treatments

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Lastly, you can use your window treatments to make a modern space infinitely more vibrant than it is. You can used solid of patterned curtains. Similarly, you can find the colour/pattern of your choice in either roller or roman blinds. Both items will help make your modern rooms look more fresh and fun.


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