5 Tips For Adding Personal Touches To Your Home

No home is called complete or comfortable if you cannot add some personal touches in it. It is this personal flair that adds character to your interior designs. Nothing beats the comfort of knowing that you’re surrounded by the stuff that is most beloved by you. These can be pictures, furniture or even graphics. Decorating with a personal touch can even be as abstract as picking an overall color scheme. ‘Go with your gut,’ is the best advice you can follow when it comes to emulating such aspects in your spaces. Further, we’ll be sharing 5 tips for adding personal touches in your home interiors.


1. Do you miss your old furniture

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Most of us always have this concept - ‘new home means new furniture’ . But what about that old recliner that was the most comfortable chair in the world? Or what about that ottoman that has been with you for longer than you can think back? These are the kinds of personal touches that come with a lot of sentimental value. New furniture is always expensive, so there is no need to go overboard if you have a few pieces that have belonged to you for a long time. You can spruce up the upholstery to match the new style of your home, but the essence remains the same.


2. Using textures and backsplashes

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For kitchen interior designs, it can be a little challenging to bring in personal touches. You can either customize according to efficiency, or you can add some personality by curating your favorite textures and backsplashes. Both of these ideas work equally well in a kitchen setting.



3. Always the essentials

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When it comes to personalizing the bathroom space, nothing really beats the comfort of displaying your everyday essentials. You can bring in a small cart or litter your vanity with itemized baskets of make-up, shaving cream, extra toilet papers, skin care products and more. It will add an instant warmth to your overall bathroom design.



4. Personalize with color

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Everybody has a favorite color! For some, it might be a static thing, but for many, their favorite color becomes a part of their personality itself. So it is only right that you choose your favorite colors to add some personality into your brand new interior designs. It can make you feel inherently at ease in the new space, and you’ll never get tired of it.



5. Hoarding 101

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Many people like to collect pieces of sentimental value. Some of these are vintage and some even do not have any decorative value. But isn’t it better to put them to use rather than hoarding up your collection in a store somewhere? You can display these collectables on your shelves to add a personal flair to your surroundings.

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