5 Tips For Arranging Furniture Layout In Homes With Large Windows

Large picture windows that span from the floor to the ceiling are a rare and expensive sight in Singapore, but they do have quite a charismatic charm that cannot be found in any other design element. However, it can be quite challenging to arrange your furniture layout around such home interiors because you need to be so cognizant of the views. Here are 5 tips to get you started:


1. The best of the L-shape

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Such windows are usually located in the living room, so this particular space has a special connection to it. The only thing that you need to remember here is that you cannot have all the furniture facing backward. Only a single couch at the most can have its back to the window. It’s better to avoid even that and simply opt for an L-shaped sectional with the corner oriented to make the most of the views.


2. Be elegant with your lighting

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Such large scale windows can be a huge source of natural light, so it’s always recommended to arrange your ceiling layout just as thoughtfully as the furniture one. Don’t go too overboard with the design of the false ceiling. Keep it as simple as possible. Try to invest more in hanging and recessed lighting so that you can emulate a glamorous penthouse suite effect.


3. Utilize the dining concept

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Since you’ve got such great views of the urban Singapore skyline with large windows, it’d be a shame not to utilize them with the dining area concept. Eating with a good view has always been considered a very luxe activity, and you can have that in your homes now by arranging the dining alcove layout to have great views of the outdoors. Keep the backdrop and actual furniture simple and tasteful to get the best ambiance.


4. For the love of balconies

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If you’ve got a large picture window in your homes, then chances are that you also have a lush balcony to complement it. Arranging the furniture over here can be a pretty challenging task as you have to maintain the boundaries between the indoor-outdoor aspects. Try to keep the large things has close to the edges as possible, and select delicate furniture pieces so that they don’t disrupt the views.


5. From the open kitchens

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It would be a total shame to have large picture windows in your homes and not have an open kitchen to appreciate it. Having a beautiful view of the outdoors while cooking can be a huge solace, so try to utilize these views by opting for an open kitchen while you’re designing the layout of your homes.


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