5 Tips On Maintaining Quartz Countertops

meilleurs sites rencontre seniors 5 Tips On Maintaining Quartz Countertops

Beautiful, versatile, sturdy and anti-bacterial, Quartz is an amazing material that is widely used in both commercial and residential projects these days.  But no matter how well a project design is, it would fail to achieve long-lasting beauty and functionality without proper maintenance.  Hence, the secret always lies in perfect maintenance.  Below we share some DIY tips that would help you keep your Quartz countertops in pristine condition.

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Quartz offers a wide range of varieties, and it also comes in marble-inspired and granite-inspired looks these days.  The following design of a breakout area uses a marble-inspired Quartz bench top, blending modern materials together for an industrial chic ghetto.  The soothing cool quartz bench top takes the edge away. A calming surface with 2 industrial bar stools is as conducive to impromptu small group gathering as it is for one to one meetings.  click to read Note: To maintain such a Quartz top at the workplace, simply use a soft microfiber cloth to dust off the Quartz surface or use a damp cloth (lightly dipped in water) to wipe daily or when needed.

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Look At This ( why not try here Interior geld verdienen binäre optionen Designer click for info , go to this website Home Renovation look these up Image credit: Carpenters Design Group, Bench top: avis sur les sites de rencontre musulman Lian Hin )

White-coloured Quartz counter tops are an all-time classic.  This particular kitchen design goes for a simplistic and elegant approach, and the pearly white Quartz surface is perfect in all aspects; it lends a clean, crisp, and professional look to the kitchen.  Note: Although Quartz is stain-resistant, it is still prudent to wipe away all stains and water spots as soon as possible to maintain the glittering excellence of the beautiful countertop.  It is also recommended to avoid acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, vinegar, etc. on Quartz surfaces.

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This particular brown Quartz kitchen top has an interesting and sparkling look that you cannot help but fall in love with.  Note: When working in the kitchen, it is inevitable to experience some tough stains.  These stains can usually be removed with non-abrasive cleaners.  Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these will damage or dull the Quartz surface.  

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(Interior Designer, Home Renovation Image credit: U-Home Interior Design, Kitchen top: Lian Hin)

The surface of this dining table top glistens like a mirror.  The beautiful black color stands out against the wooden backdrop creating consistency and impact in the design.  This spectacular Quartz top would serve for decades to come if cared for nicely.  Note: To maintain the glittering surface of a Quartz countertop, avoid exposing the top to quick changes in temperature.  Always use a trivet or coaster for hot-off-the stove pots and pans, especially when they will be sitting out for a long time.

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(Interior Designer, Home Renovation Image credit: Darwin Interior, Dining table top: Lian Hin)

This kitchen employs a striking white countertop paired with black shades creating a stunning effect.  Note: Although Quartz is scratch-resistant, always use cutting boards on the Quartz kitchen or countertop because they can still be scratched when proper care is not shown.

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