5 Tips To Add Contemporary Bohemian Vibe To Your Room

The contemporary style is all about creating spaces that fit in with the modern sensibilities, while the bohemian aesthetic is all about bringing forth an artsy and unconventional vibe. When you combine both of these styles in a single interior design, you get something that is completely out of the box. So without further ado, let’s look at 5 tips with which you can introduce a contemporary bohemian vibe in your homes.

1. Contradicting textures

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The very first thing you can do to make an instant impact is use contradicting textures. Since both the contemporary and bohemian aesthetics are relatively contrasting, you can choose one texture to represent both styles and use them side by side. This can instantly draw the eye and make a nice feature or accent wall in your home interior design.


2. Exclusive to bohemian

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We’d suggest that you keep a fine balance while blending in your bohemian aesthetic. It has to be pretty stand-out in order to draw attention to itself. You can capture this style by using wall paneling of the relevant sort in a small part of your interior design. This can help you draw a fine line between the two contrasting styles while making the bohemian one stand out.


3. Balancing modernity

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You don’t have to compromise on the modernity or technological aspect of your interior designs in order to capture the vintage aura of boho chic. You can artfully blend both in a single interior. This is what makes it so outstanding. For example, you can definitely use efficient, upscale materials in your kitchen – like lit of toe-kicks, quartz countertops, etc. – while balancing out the bohemian part of the visuals with a laminate in the right texture.



4. When it comes to colors

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The color palate for the contemporary bohemian style is always a mixture of dull and bright colors. Most of the prominent colors represent the artistic nature of the bohemian style, whole the dull spectrum of the color palate captures the contemporary part of it.



5. Nothing wrong with subtle

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You can be as subtle or as vivid as you possibly want to be with your bohemian style palate. For example, you can use something as subtle as textured laminate application or you can be as bold as accessorizing excessively with bohemian pieces. It all depends on which style you’re leaning most with.

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