5 Tips To Better Your Kitchen Design

We bet all you’ve been hearing about getting your dream kitchen aesthetic is balancing the ratio of functionality and looks. But that is not all. At the heart of every awesome kitchen is a lot of attention to detail. This requires careful planning and a being extremely careful with your articulation. We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips you can use to make your kitchen design the best one. Here they are:


1. Avoid waste in your layout

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Wasted circulation and placement are two things that you must absolutely avoid in your kitchen design. You, and only you, understand better than anyone else about where you keep all the items, so this is going to determine how large the cabinets are going to be by the breakfast bar, where the cutlery storage is going to go, how big of a workspace you’ll need by the hob, and how much prep area you’ll need by the cold storage. Don’t waste a single step.


2. Control your traffic

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Whether you’ve got kids or whether you’re simply a family of adults for the time being, a good kitchen requires a great control of traffic. The intense work areas like the cooktop/hob have to be designed out of reach of children so take them to the deepest end of your kitchen. The fridge, on the other hand, has to be as accessible as possible to both children and all the other residents of the home. Therefore, you have to keep it close and within easy reach.


3. Adjusting the circulation area

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The thing about kitchen design is that most of the activities that take place here require a lot of space. While the minimum width between two aisles is 36 inches at the very least, it grows a lot more when you’re working with a two-cook configuration. So, whenever you’re planning the kitchen, make sure to pay special attention to the layout.


4. The importance of a landing space

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Landing space is the small amount (at least 15”) of space on either side of the cook top and it needs to be customized according to the cook’s preference. It’s a given that you need this space to keep all the cooking preparations within handy reach, but the actual specifics of how much space (in figures: 2’, 2.5’, 3’, etc.) totally depends on your cooking style. Be sure to keep this in mind.


5. What’s the purpose of your island

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If your kitchen has a breakfast bar or an island, then you have to determine the purpose of it. Ask yourself these questions; do you want it to be an extension of your kitchen work tops? Do you plan for it to be a simple dining area? What kind of storage you want to design here? These can help you determine what the functional and aesthetic purpose of your island can be.


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