5 Tips To Design A Rock Solid Living Room Area

The living room is universally the center of any home and today we’ll be sharing 5 tips that can help you design it in the best possible way. Let’s take a look:


1. Be confident in the function of the space

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The function of the living room varies from homeowner to homeowner. Some people want a space that is designed purely for relaxation. Some people want a space that acts as recreational center. Some people want it to be the hub of entertainment. While other times, it is even used as a dual purpose area for the dining area as well. So whatever your choice, be confident about the overall function of the space.


2. Statement piece vs. busy small accessories

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The truth about Singaporean homes is that they tend to feature small spaces due to the space constraints on of the island. So many homeowners think that they can just use a number of small accessories and undersized furniture to make the most of their spaces. But very few people acknowledge the fact that a single large statement piece is way better than a number of busy small accessories.


3. Optimize your floor space

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The best way to optimize your living room floor space is by reducing the number of things that take up surface area on the floor and ceiling. So, consider going for hanging lights such as wall sconces and pendent lights to save ceiling space. Similarly, don’t opt for any unnecessary things that take up precious floor space. This way, you’ll have a relatively uninterrupted design value.


4. A continuous color scheme

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A color scheme that emulates a sense of continuity in an interior design is definitely worth looking into while designing a great living room. White is the backbone hue, so it’s the perfect choice for most lounge spaces. You can easily make it more interesting by furnishing with contrasting pieces, gorgeous accent accessories, and interesting decoration pieces.


5. Multi-purpose is the best kind

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Making the lounge a multipurpose place helps make your home feel more cohesive. It also helps create links between all the individual spaces that make up a home. A breakfast bar can be the transitional space between the lounge and the kitchen. Similarly, a small closet can be the transition between a bedroom and a bathroom.


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