5 Tips To Design A Spacious Kitchen

The kitchen can be the most challenging part of a home to design – especially when your space is short. Since it is a functional space, you cannot cut your losses at any end or you’ll have to live with the mistakes for the rest of your life. Further, we’ll be sharing 5 tips you can use to design a spacious kitchen in a small home. Let’s take a look:


1. Design a floating bar

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Open kitchens usually end with an open bar at one end so that the design can look wholesome. However, these small breakfast bars end up taking a lot of visual and physical space. But since you need them for the space to function well, you cannot just leave them off. This is why floating breakfast bars are becoming such a hot trend. They visually declutter the space and leave more legroom for the user.


2. Keep the surroundings minimal

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The best way to make your kitchens feel roomier and spacious than the space allows is by designing the surrounding ambiance to be as minimal as possible. It’s best to stick with plain walls – you can tack on a modern accessory of a text sticker at the most. However, the rest is supposed to remain as serene and airy as you can make it.


3. Use lots of lighting

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The thing about great lighting is that it can literally change the face of a room, and that is especially relevant for a small kitchen. Even when the space seems to be small, illuminating with sufficient lights can make it feel spacious. You can use a combination of track and pendant lights throughout the ceiling to maintain a simple but adequately well-lit ambiance.


4. Knowing the color scheme

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When the kitchen is small, it’s always recommended to use the right colors and textures to add more panache to it. You can use a neutral theme with small colorful accents throughout the space for the best effect. Natural browns, grays, and beiges are all light enough to make the surroundings feel capacious, well-lit, reflective, and sophisticated.


5. Keep the backdrop minimal

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In order for your small kitchen to feel truly spacious, you can ensure that the backdrop is as under-frunished and un-cluttered as possible. Try to avoid any extra and unnecessary furniture pieces and the surroundings will automatically start feeling very roomy.


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