5 Tips To Design The Ultimate Studio Bedroom

If you’re one of those homeowners who hold their bedrooms beloved over most other parts of the homes, then you’ll definitely appreciate the concept of a studio bedroom. Intrigued? Well, here are 5 tips that can help you design the ultimate one for your homes:


1. Take all the space you need

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The first rule of designing anything studio related is to take as much space as you want. It might not seem possible in the context of a small or medium sized space, but the trick is to think in terms of simplicity and context. If you only visualize and go for the things that you actually need, you can certainly make the most of a studio concept.


2. Create waist-high dividers

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No matter what kind of a studio bedroom aesthetic you’re going for, the one thing that has to remain constant is the subtle division between spaces. They can easily be incorporated with the help of waist-high mid-length furniture such as bookshelves, study desks, and other types of credenza. Alternately, you can also use in-built shelving or extended bay-windows to get a similar effect.


3. Keep things simple and minimalistic

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Designing a studio bedroom in a place as short on space as Singapore requires simplicity and minimalism. If you start cluttering with unneeded accessories and décor, you’ll never get that feel-good spacious vibe within your space. So, you can go for unadorned walls and oversized leaning artwork or area rugs to emulate a bit of colour contrast within the bedroom.


4. Create transparency

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While creating a sense of transparency within the bedroom is highly important, it is just as crucial to create an adequately see-through ambiance that connects with the rest of the home. It can enhance the overall spaciousness of your bedroom. It can be done with the help of full-fledged glass doors with wood or aluminum frames, bifold doors, or even printed glass connectors.


5. Get creative with the bathroom

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The thing with large open-floor plans is that they leave a very limited space for the bathroom. However, if you’re willing to break a few traditions, you can totally work with it. The vanity can be brought out to the actual bedroom area (albeit reserved to a subtle alcove) so that you can truly emulate the essence of an open floor plan in your bedrooms.


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