5 Tips To Design Your Dream Loft

A loft apartment refers to a large space that is flexible and can be adapted to any form of planning. It is often converted for residential use, though many new lofts are generally purpose built. They mostly come in single story formations, but some lofts feature an ‘upper loft’ area that is basically the second floor. Lofts are spacious and planned on an open floor concept. The space is open to modular planning, this flexibility offers some awesome opportunities to incorporate unique styles. In this post, let's look at these 5 tips to design your dream loft.


1. Zoning the layout

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Before you dive headfirst into designing the actual blueprint of your loft, make sure that you go for general zoning. This means dedicating a small amount of time to creating ‘zones’ for your layout that will determine the formation of your layout. As you know, the loft is basically an open space, so you have to zone it properly to get the best layout.



2. Double height areas

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It is usually the area around the staircase that feature the double height aesthetic, but sometimes, it can be done through the living area as well. These double height spaces give your loft design an extra edge that makes it look exceptionally upscale and luxurious. Coupled with the right material palate, this particular design intervention can make your loft look very high end.



3. Good lighting

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Good lighting is always key for creating wonderful spaces, and loft design is no exception. You can use layered lighting in the form of ambient and accent lights to create a beautiful atmosphere inside your loft, try to highlight focus places like the living area. This will add more character to your open floor concept.




4. Go for luxury elements

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Lofts are open by design, so this means that you can go for some luxury elements without cramping its style. For example, you can have your very own kitchen island without it seeming like an overboard decision, you can even use a lot of high gloss laminate surfaces without them looking overwhelming at all.




5. Miscellaneous spaces

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Absolook Interior Design

The best part about designing lofts is that you can ‘waste’ some precious space. For example, you can design a spate laundry room instead of hooking up a small space with just the kitchen. Similarly, you can design an extra room for only storage. It’s like literally living the dream.

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