5 Tips To Make Your Home Comfortably Scandinavian

Most of the people prefer the Scandinavian style since its simplicity and comfortable vibes evokes a relaxing aura. Meanwhile, this style is designed in a calmer and earthy tones.  The Scandinavian style features the best of Nordic homeliness with a contemporary edge. It’s ‘the’ style to follow if you’re looking for trendy and comfortable at the same time. Further, we’ll be looking at 5 tips you can use to make your home comfortably Scandinavian.


1. Earthy and neutrals

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First and foremost, always go for a combination of earthy and neutral color schemes. The earthy colors invoke a sense of calm, which the neutral side of the color palate can reinforce twofold. The overall effect can turn out to be incredibly Zen. However, remember to use the lighter shades for the floor, and the darkest shades for the feature or accent wall. The furniture can show off a creamy, beige or even tan color scheme.



2. Make it larger

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The biggest challenge with creating Scandinavian interiors is making them look spacious – especially when you’re short on space. Once you’ve got your color palate down pat, you can go ahead and design full-length feature walls clad only in looking mirrors. This will create the illusion of more space without all the hassle. This will also allow you to keep the coziness of a small space.



3. Windows and sunlight

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Natural light is a big part of the Scandinavian aesthetic. It’s a style that’s big on nature, so the inclusion and design of large window portals is always a must! Sunlight and its white gold warmth also has the inherent ability to introduce a cozy, comfortable and relaxing aura into your home interiors.



4. Going for contrast

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Contrast is always important to consider when you’re working with a theme as one-track as the Scandinavian style. So even if you’re going all earthy and neutral with the color palate, do not forget to use some high contrast to make the aesthetic more natural. Black is always an evergreen high contrast candidate color, but green can also look good.



5. Introducing nature

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fuse Concept

The Scandinavian style and Norse culture are rooted in nature and mythology, so what better way to add an authentic vibe to your interior design than by introducing nature. You can go for feature hydro-walls and vertical green gardens. Even a few terra cotta planters can make a huge natural statement.

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